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Over 40 Years of Experience

Here at Dennis E. Gipe Transmissions, we are committed to our customers. We treat everybody the same, so you know you're getting a fair price. It is part of our service to take the time to explain to you exactly what problem your vehicle is experiencing, and we won't just give you a price to get you in the door, either. But don't take our word for it, read these letters written to us by our loyal customers:

"April 3, 2012

Dear Sir:

Several weeks ago I called you concerning a problem with the transmission in my '92 Dodge truck. After explaining the problem to you, you took the time and gave me pointers on what this problem could be. One of the suggestions you gave me was the adjustment of the kickdown cable, which could have possibly broken, stuck or come off the trans. I jacked up the truck and investigated to find that the whole of the problem was a weak spring and need of some lubrication on the cable and the pivot points on the trans. I also replaced the spring when I lubricated it. Now my truck is no longer stuck in first gear and I am able to drive it normally again.

As no good deed should go unrewarded, please accept this check as a small token of my appreciation. Soon I should get a flush and filter done on this truck as it is beyond 142,000 miles. Be assured, you will have my business and I would gladly recommend you to others. As the weather has been getting warmer I have been in serious need of my truck for yard work and home remodeling, thanks to you, my truck working properly has enabled me to accomplish these things. Once again I thank you for your time, kindness, and great customer service. It will not be forgotten!


Brian D."

"21 Sept. 11


My wife (Vonnie) and I would like to thank you for the time you invested in us adjusting the cable linkage on our recently acquired Jasper Remanufactured AOD Transmission. Your tweaking certainly made a noticeable improvement and we shall be forever grateful.

You Sir, are a class act and a person of charactor, as well as a highly skilled technician. Hopefully, this good turn will be repaid to you in kind. With kindest regards and best wishes...

-Bill W."


Dennis E. Gipe Transmissions proudly serves the Cumberland Valley, from Shippensburg to Hagerstown, from McConnellsburg to Gettysburg, and of course every town in between. We have customers from all over the tri-state area come to us for our experience and our world-class services:

Interested? Then call us anytime at 717-267-1979 or just stop in at 1585 Sollenberger Road, Chambersburg, PA 17202. We are happy to tell you all about the excellent services we offer.


Here at Dennis E. Gipe Transmissions, we use only the finest parts on your vehicle. To ensure this, we deal with only the finest parts suppliers. Click the logos below to view their own porduct websites. Our primary supplier for remanufactured transmissions is Jasper.

Jasper Engines and Transmissions provides unmatched quality and service on professionally rebuilt drivetrain components. Not only are they a top nationwide supplier of transmissions and transfer cases, but they also offer the best warranty in the business.


The ONLY Dennis Gipe in Chambersburg is at Dennis E. Gipe’s Transmissions, a trusted transmission repair facility with a friendly attitude and a commitment to our customers. For us, it’s all about taking care of any and all worries or concerns our customers might have. We take the time to talk to our customers and explain every detail of their vehicle’s repair to set them at ease.

Denny on his Experience-

“I started out working on Transmissions 43 years ago at CAT (Chambersburg Automatic Transmissions). I started out removing and reinstalling transmissions. I took an interest in my work and soon the owner did also. I would try to get my work done quickly so I could have some time watching the transmission rebuilder do his work. Soon I was being trained to rebuild transmissions and I picked it up quickly. When brand-new transmission models debuted in the late 1970s, I got to showcase my ability by taking on these new models. In 1978, the owner of Chambersburg Automatic Transmissions opened a new shop in Winchester, Virginia and was sent there as the head rebuilder. Within 5 months, the owner promoted me to manager as well as head rebuilder. I ran that shop for about 6 months but missed my home town of Chambersburg so when the opportunity to take on more responsibility back at the Chambersburg shop, I took it immediately. After some time, I left CAT for a job at Over's Automatic Transmissions in Fayetteville. Working there gave me the opportunity to get my own tax number and start my own business in my spare time, and Gipe's Transmission Service was born.

In October 1979, I left Over’s and opened my own full time shop in New Franklin. I later moved my shop to a better location on Industrial Drive in Chambersburg. After about a year and a half, I bought a larger property at 958 South Main Street, Chambersburg, and began to build a new shop there. After many years there, I opened a small shop at 1585 Sollenberger Rd, Chambersburg.

Gibble’s Potato Chips and Letterkenny Army Depot were nearly my only customers, but they kept me plenty busy with their fleet work. I would rebuild about 100 transmissions per year for these two customers, combined. Unfortunately, when Gibble’s was bought by Martin’s Pastry all of Gibble’s route vans were converted to manual transmissions. Martins had their own mechanics that could work on manual transmissions, so they no longer needed my services, which meant I lost about 50 transmission rebuilds worth of business per year.

Letterkenny Army Depot used to rebuild a missile system the U.S. used called the Hawk Missile. This missile had a mobile motorized crane especially designed for loading it onto the launcher. This mobile crane used a 1965 Mustang drivetrain. The depot would bring the transmissions in for me to rebuild. Again, I rebuilt about 50 of these per year. Unfortunately, yet again, this work was not meant to last. A new, better missile was developed by the U.S. called the Patriot Missile. The majority of the out-dated Hawk System vehicles were sold to other countries’ armies. I continued to rebuild a few of these transmissions as Letterkenny continued to refurbish the Hawk system for the new owners. I worked on these transmissions for Saudi Arabia and others. Soon they learned how to rebuild these systems themselves, and the units stopped coming back to Letterkenny to be rebuilt. Now I am 100% open to the public and take walk in customers on a regular basis.”

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